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How To Change MicroSD Card Into Internal Memory

The number of applications and multimedia features that can be installed for free on the Google Play Store makes smartphones require more storage space. Although currently smartphones usually come with 4-8 GB of internal memory for entry level classes, many still lack storage options. Additional slots for MicroSD cards have become options to increase storage capacity or convert it into internal memory.

But the initial smartphone settings will usually make the internal memory as the main storage media. If you download applications and games in large quantities, then the memory will not be enough . In addition, full internal memory will also slow down smartphone performance.
As an option, you can make a MicroSD card as the main storage media. Depending on the type of smartphone you have, you can use MicroSD up to a storage capacity of 64 GB or more, so you can store various files without reducing smartphone performance. Following are the steps on how to turn a MicroSD card into Android internal memory !

When I First Entered MicroSD
If you buy a new smartphone and insert a MicroSD card into it, a Settings option will appear where you can make it an internal memory by default, and here are the next steps you should follow:

When newly entered, the smartphone will definitely give a notification if there is a new memory card detected
The available options are 'Set Up' and 'Eject'. Select Set Up
Scroll to find ' Use as Internal Memory '
After that you just follow the process, click next and next until it's finished

When Changing Storage to MicroSD

The following method can be done if you previously used the smartphone's internal memory as the default storage and want to change it to MicroSD.

Back up all data in your MicroSD card first, you can go to laptop, external HDD or flashdisk
After that open Settings > Storage & USB > SD Card
Click the three dot icon at the top right of the screen
In the drop down menu select 'Settings'
Then select "Format as Internal"
There will be a notification with a warning if the SD card will be formatted to make it safe to use. In addition, the SD card will only work on your current smartphone and cannot be used if transferred to another smartphone
If it's OK, select 'Erase & Format' and click OK to continue
Regarding the microSD card that will only be used on your smartphone because it has been encrypted to maintain Android security. So you can 'read it' is the first device that uses the microSD. In other words, if at any time you want to move the microSD card to another smartphone, PC or Laptop via a card reader, the microSD card will not be detected. According to Google , this was done to maintain security on the Android smartphone itself.

In addition, if you decide to use microSD as the default storage, it's a good idea to use a quality microSD card because it will directly affect smartphone performance. It is better to use class 10 microSD so that smartphones keep speeding even if they are used to store various types of applications and games.

Now that's how to turn a MicroSD card into internal memory, keep abreast of Games News to know more interesting tutorials about using smartphones and gaming. There is also news about the latest and updated gadgets and games every day. Not to forget, there are various interesting tips & tricks and also a review of gaming devices.

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