Jumat, 28 Februari 2020

WhatsApp Private Group Links Appear in Google Search

WhatsApp private group links appear in Google's search engine results. This was reported by multimedia journalist for German media Deutsche Welle , Jordan Wildon.

Reporting from  Phone Arena , Tuesday (2/25/2020), Jordan via Twitter revealed that the WhatsApp group might not be as safe as people think. He uploaded the screenshot, showing several links to the WhatsApp group appearing in Google search results.

his is allegedly because when a user sends a link to someone to join their group, it will be indexed by Google and can be accessed.

A WhatsApp spokesperson reminded people that links that are supposed to be private should not be disclosed on websites that are publicly accessible. The explanation was considered as the cause of the appearance of the WhatsApp group link in the Google search engine.

When a link for a private group is uploaded on a public website, it can be used by anyone to join. Consequently, the person will be able to see all the contents of the message in it.

Other Explanations

Reverse engineer , Jane Manchun Wong, expressed his opinion on Twitter about the problem. He considered that it was caused by a configuration error that made approximately 470 thousand group invitation links indexed, not because someone was not careful when sharing them.

He revealed, WhatsApp can change certain configurations so that the invitation page does not appear in search engines.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp has so far been reported to be assessing the problem not because of a bug .

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