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Adjust the specifications of the android phone so that it doesn't lag playing games

Adjust the specifications of the android cellphone so that it doesn't lag playing games - many mobile legends players or some 5v5 moba games complain of frequent lags, cellphone batteries become so wasteful to the bad network that causes lag.

There are several factors that cause lag when playing online moba games such as mobile legends and aov on Android, one of which is the internet network, because this is an online game. No wonder internet speed is a priority.

But there is no guarantee of a good network playing moba games on android mobiles such as mobile legends or online moba games. No lag.

that is, the specifications of the android phone that we use to play the online moba game , the lower the specifications of the cellphone you use, the easier the game is Lag.

because online games are a type of android mob in addition to requiring a good network also requires sufficient android cellphone performance.

Most of the android mobile users play moba games like mobile legends using smartphones with fairly low specifications and are not suitable for the game, no wonder when playing often lags.

If you like playing games, look for specifications on a minimum Android phone processor or Snapdragon 625 chipset, Snapdragon 625 is a middle-class chipset that is pretty much available on Android phones. Like Xiaomi Mi Max.oppo A77, etc.

Do not use chipsets or processors below 625 to play high-graphics and mobility online games, such as the Snapdragon 425 chipset or processor are only recommended for cellphones for chat and light gaming.

like clash of clans and some other offline games.

If you still insist on an android phone with the specifications of the Snapdragon 425 chipset, playing the game mobile legends. It still can but the risk of meeting lag often occurs, if the internet speed decreases slightly, the severe lag occurs when you meet opponents who are in groups.

this is because when we attack together 5vs5 that's when the graphics capabilities and performance of your android phone are being tested. I have seen many people using Oppo A57 RAM 3Gb lag, blaming internet networks, even saying that Oppo is not good for mobie legends games.

according to my opinion this is wrong, you can not see the specifications only fixated on the RAM side. indeed the android phone with higher ram Makes better cellphone performance, BUT Also note the chipset or processor used.

do not because it often lags when playing mobile legends or a type of play game slot online, you get angry and blame the quality of the damaged network so that it is easy to lag and the cell phone used by the brand is not good.

every cellphone has written specifications. specifications on cellphones never lie. therefore I always pay attention to cellphone specifications before price, because high-priced cell phones are not necessarily high specifications, and vice versa.

simple example pay attention to specifications in advance such as xiaomi redmi note 4 already snapdragon 625 ram 3gb internal 32 gb price 2 million .oppo a57 snapdragon 435 ram 3gb internal 32 gb price around 2.5 million. from the specifications side of ram and internal memory maybe both phones are the same, but NOT the Chipset that was used.

Your risk of using a low specification android phone playing online moba games is lag. When you continue to lag when playing that you feel is not for fun Namum becomes emotional.

I personally wrote this article not to corner a particular brand, but I want to explain about the specifications of the Android mobile phone to the reader. I have tested a type of online game like moba mobile legends, aov etc.

the result is that on average mobile phones that use the Snapdragon 425 chipset often encounter lag problems. lag when playing the android game appears when we repeatedly play the game, because the phone is hot, the performance of the phone is not stable at added speed according to the internet network.

I tried to test the HP Oppo A57, Samsung Galaxy J5, Xiaomi Redmi 4x, Asus Zenfone Max and several other series, proved to often appear lag when playing for more than 1 hour, especially if the internet speed according to total lag. (lag often appears not total lag, the game can still be played only easily lag). although ping and speeed internet is very good (4G LTE) sometimes it lags by itself.

lastly I tried on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x and Xiaomi Mi Max who already used Snapdragon 625, the result I tried to test playing the mobile game legends for more than 5 hours.

I test playing these online Android games with 4 internet cards namely Telkomsel, 3, XL and 4G LTE Smartfren. All in 4G LTE mode and the results run smoothly with no lag at all.

I choose and recommend an Android phone with a Snapdragon 625 chipset because it is well known for saving battery and medium performance, and the price is quite affordable for those of us who are looking for cheap gaming HP, if you have more money you might be able to choose a higher chipset like the Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 there is on Google pixel, but the price is not cheap.

Cover many players blame the network and online game server, so that when playing easy online games on Android mobile phones often lag and closed itself, Indeed slow internet servers and networks are one of the factors, but the main cause is the specifications of the Android mobile phone we use.

therefore I always recommend everyone looking for an Android phone as needed, if the hobby of playing games is pretty heavy at least Snapdragon 625. If only for playing COC and doing enough activities a low specification cell phone like Snapdragon 410 is more than enough.

I chose the android cellphone from the specifications such as chipset and some other performance. RAM was the second part that I noticed, if the chipset was high even though the RAM was a little low the performance of the Android smartphone was still good, and vice versa if your Android phone ram 3GB but the chipset or processor was still low so don't be surprised to keep lagging and often hangs.

this is just a note of my personal opinion, I'm sure many readers on my blog understand more about the cell in my appeal, if there is a writing error please apologize. so hopefully useful

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