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Naruto Shippuden's Trilogy Finally Connects the Nintendo Switch

Naruto Shippuden's Trilogy Finally Connects the Nintendo Switch - Of the tens of thousands of anime and manga series that exist, many agree that  Naruto is one of the most popular series in the world today.

Evidently, the adventures of the ninja with this distinctive yellow hair have 'spawned' various game titles that are quite successful in the market.

Now there is good news for Naruto fans. The newest Game Slot Naruto, which has already been launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm , will be present for Nintendo Switch game console owners.

Quoted from  Shonen Jump magazine via Gamerant , Monday (2/26/2018), the game Naruto Shippuden : Ultimate Ninja Storm will be the first series of game trilogy that will visit the Switch console.

Unfortunately, the developer still hasn't provided more detailed information about when the game will go on the market.

Even so, the presence of Naruto games on Nintendo's new console can be a good sign for Naruto gamers . Why?

Because at this time, Namco Bandai Games Inc. and CyberConnect2, as a publisher and game developer, are preparing for the new Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 series .

With the presence of the first series and two other series, it is not impossible that the fourth series of the game will also glide for the Nintendo Switch .

For your information, the game developer has also included all the DLC (Downloadable Content) for the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm trilogy on this Switch console.

Although the price of the game is still unknown, the presence of this game adds to the list of fighting genre games released on the Nintendo Switch.

In addition to the game based on Masashi Kishimoto's work, the news about Super Smash Bros. will also go to the Nintendo hybrid console in 2018.

Will the Naruto and Super Smash Bros. games that will soon visit the Nintendo Switch be able to compete or defeat the success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

Well , all of that will be revealed over time, as the two games will be released.

Is this the appearance of the latest Asus Zenfone 7 Smartphone?

Like other technology companies, Asus is also very strict in maintaining information related to their new devices that will be launched this year or next.

Ahead of the annual Mobile World Congress 2020 event, Asus still hasn't revealed whether the company will announce its newest smartphone .

Although there is still no news, the latest leaked information shows Asus will introduce the Zenfone successor smartphone 6 years ago.

Is this the appearance of the Asus Zenfone 7. (Doc: Slashleak / ZenTalk)
Reported by SlashLeak , Tuesday (11/02/2020), the alleged photo of Zenfone 7 appears with a square camera module similar to Pixel 4.

Different from Pixel 4, the Zenfone 7 camera module - not yet its official name - is located in the middle and is the "home" for the three main lenses along with an LED flash.

If the leaked photo is correct, it can be ascertained that Asus will not use the flip camera concept installed on the Zenfone 6.

Unfortunately, besides the main camera module Asus does not include a fingerprint scanner - which may not be seen in the photo.

It is possible that the company introduced fingerprint scanning technology at the bottom of the screen.

The picture also shows the smartphone will have a power and volume button on the right, while the Smart Key button of the Zenfone 6 is removed.

In terms of specifications, the Zenfone 7 is predicted to use the Snapdragon 865 processor and comes with a 5G modem.

Apart from the leaked image, there is still no more information about Asus's latest flagship smartphone .

Foxconn Will Continue Production in China

Foxconn Will Continue Production in China - iPhone's main manufacture, Foxconn , was reported to have gotten the green light on Monday (02/10/2020), to reopen its two main factories in China.

Earlier Foxconn decided to temporarily close down its factory operations to avoid spreading the Corona virus.

Reporting from Reuters on Tuesday (02/11/2020), Foxconn received approval to continue operations at factories in Zhengzhou and Shenzhen. A source said that so far only 10 percent of Foxconn's workforce had returned to work.

The two factories are the production sites of the iPhone. Production delays caused by temporary closure are expected to affect product shipments to the global market.

Foxconn is the largest electronics manufacturer in the world. In addition to the iPhone, other products manufactured include Nokia, Xiaomi and iPad devices.

"Due to policy issues and reasons for commercial sensitivity, we do not comment on our specific production initiatives," Foxcon said in a statement.

As many as 16,000 Foxconn employees in Zhengzhou, or 10 percent of the total, returned to work on Monday. While in Shenzhen approximately 20 thousand or 10 percent of workers returned after the Lunar New Year holiday.

"The Shenzhen factory has told employees to return to work tomorrow. Work there will continue in an orderly and orderly manner, but big challenges remain after opening the factory due to the situation (the Corona virus spread)," said a source.

Before it was finally decided to resume production at its factories, Foxconn had time to extend employee vacation time to avoid the spread of the Corona virus.

Selasa, 07 Januari 2020

Science Blog: Bringing Research Closer To The Community

The two poles of the world of academic publications

The general public and scientists are like two magnetic poles colliding with each other. One side is very pragmatic and one side is very theoretical. But now there is a media blog as one form of social media that allows a scientist to explain his work outside the corridor of writing a very rigid scientific paper, with a style of language that is light and easy to understand. Even the public can access the writings of the Scientist without being intimidated by the seriousness of scientific journals. The research output itself is currently doubling every nine years . A total of 2.5 million scientific papers are published in a year . You can imagine 2.5 million. In your opinion, how much of an explosion of science that eventually reaches the community, answering the real problem.

The general public and scientists are like two magnetic poles colliding with each other. One side is very pragmatic and one side is very theoretical.

Science communication

In the academic world, the term science / scholarly communication has long been known , namely the activities of communicating, disseminating, disseminating science to the wider community. Even in major universities abroad, science communication matters are handled with care as part of public relations. Today's scientific journals have also asked their authors to make a special abstract ( non-specialist abstract ) for each paper that has been received and will be published.

In the academic world, the term science / scholarly communication has long been known , namely the activities of communicating, disseminating, disseminating science to the wider community.

At present, blogs are not merely in the form of writing, but there are already many science bloggers , as the writers are called, who widen their readers by creating video logs based on the blog posts they have produced. When you visit Youtube , many writers have added to their scientific communication portfolios.

Blogging Advantages

So what did academia get? You might ask that. Lots. I can name the five easiest things and five other things if you want.

The advantage that you feel the most is scientific freedom. The freedom I convey here is certainly with responsibility. With blogging, you can express a variety of ideas and thoughts without going through a peer review before an article is published just like a conventional scientific paper.

The advantage that you feel the most is scientific freedom. The freedom I convey here is certainly with responsibility.

The following are the additional benefits.

Networking : Every blog article you write might result in collaboration with other researchers.
Feedback : every thought you raise will have a chance of getting feedback from readers. This will sharpen your argument.
Citation : if you think citation is the main thing, then try to make a short, lightweight blog article for each scientific paper or collection of scientific papers that you have written. This method might generate some new citations from readers.
Promotion / rank score : many science bloggers , can rewrite their scattered blog articles into neat book scripts. You surely know who is an example.
Reputation : back to number 3, readers will quote a paper, if they believe that the author can be trusted. If that's what you are after, then a blog is one way. Your name (in the context of a science blogger ) will be easy to find by searching Google or Google Scholar . These two machines are happy with looping.

How to start?

So in fact, besides a little time, you as a scientist will not experience loss. How to get started? Easy.
Setting up a free blog, WordPress and Medium platforms is what I think is worth considering.
For each paper you write, make a lightweight abstract that can be understood by people who are not experts in your field. Load into your blog.

Link the article with the DOI or html link of your paper.

If you already want to be more serious, then start creating a blog article for the research process that you are doing. Even more extreme, create an article that tells your research plan next year. The majority of people who forbid someone to share their proposals before finally passing the selection. Indeed, today many people lose the freedom to work . Research will have a wider impact if it is open from the start . Even when about to publish scientific papers, it helps researchers understand open access and how to do it .

Whether creating a blog article will make your paper that you send later obsolete or multiple publications occur. The answer is no. Between blogs and papers will be mutually supportive and journal publishers have now accepted preprints and blogs as an online self-archiving effort . Some publishers have clear filing policies, such as: Oxford Academic Journal , Wiley-Blackwell , Springer-Nature , Elsevier , Sage , Taylor-Francis , etc.

Easy? Yes. But certainly a little hassle. If you are already good at making scientific papers, it will not be difficult for you to spend time writing blog articles a maximum of once an hour a week.

A few tips from me, writing a blog article must be free of time.

A few tips from me, writing a blog article must be free of time. Your daily activities have the potential to end up being blog articles with a large audience. While waiting for a queue, or various notes on the results of guiding students, even e-mail replies, you can use to fill in the blog. Of course, by first disappearing the personal identity involved.
Some myths

Some of the myths that we often hear:
that uploading material online will be prone to theft of ideas or works ( scooping ). My respond: precisely by uploading ideas / works openly, one of them through the media blog, will make it easier for you and the public to prove "who is imitating who". Uploading your work online, also helps others to avoid the idea of ​​theft of ideas.

that writing ideas on a blog can be categorized as prior publications that have an impact that papers cannot be sent to a journal or seminar. My response: that blogging is a form of online self-archiving . So it is not different from your position on the hard disk archive. The majority of publishers (large and small) have realized the importance of independent archiving, so they do not consider blogs as a form of publication that can interfere with the peer review process .

that blogging is a non-formal activity that is mostly done by non-academic people. My response: no . You need more googling to be able to find your own answers. The majority of professors and academics in general have made blogs as important media or even the main media for the publication of their research results.

So when you read the final part of this abstract, it is clear that academic activities, the output is not only scientific papers published in journals or seminar proceedings. Share your knowledge in various forms to the wider community. Not only will you get a reputation from scientific papers that are very serious and very complicated. That not everything can be realized as a transfer into credit (kum), then the performance appraisal mechanism is what needs to be changed . There are times when KUM just a collection of three letters K, U, and M .